Bear Cub Update…


You are such a smart & funny little girl. You are so pretty that it literally takes my breath away sometimes. I know your Dad feels the same way. You are so engaging…so personable for such a young age. You make us LAUGH!

One of your favorite things to do lately is wear your dad’s hats. It’s hilarious! You’ve always objected to anything that goes on your head – bows, hair ties, headbands – but for whatever reason you are more than open to wearing a man’s stocking hat out in public?? Who knows!

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 561 Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 475 Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 480

You like to pull them down over your eyes and try to look through them. You totally face-planted on the wall in your playroom the other day doing that. I just about died laughing. You fake cried for 2 seconds and then started laughing along with me. You will ride in the car with it down over your eyes and sometimes fall asleep that way. We always laugh quietly in the front…and take pictures to laugh about later before bedtime.

We figured for fashion’s sake we better get you a hat of your own. You are stinkin’ adorable in it, too!

photo (18)

You are finally getting into the whole dress-up thing! Woo Hoo! I’m so excited for this phase! Ella always loved playing dress-up. She actually gave you a few outfits to start off your collection.

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 746

Of course, you think everything you see is from Frozen! I keep telling you this is Ariel’s dress, but you think I’m crazy. How could it NOT be from Frozen??!! You haven’t even seen the Little Mermaid yet. Your Dad and I were just talking the other day about the fact that we don’t own any of the classic Disney movies…Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast…we definitely need build up a collection!

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 749

I mean, I could just die from cuteness overload. You’ve been twirling around the house in this, and I LOVE it! When you have it on, you always ask to look in the mirror. You’ve actually been asking for us to pull your hair up in a “pony” too. I’ve waited over 2 years for you to let me play with your hair, and you’re finally breaking down! 🙂

photo (17)

Nevermind the marinara sauce on your face. 🙂

You are so motherly toward your little brother. You are always telling him “It’s okay Baby Everett/Little Man/Buddy/Brother.” You smother him with kisses everyday. We feel bad having to tell you to be easy and give him space. You are usually excited to see him in the mornings and always like to lay down with him and play. You also tried to feed him a button the other day which was a little disconcerting. We are working on what can/cannot be offered to Baby Everett during playtime. 🙂

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 503 iPhone as of 11-5-14 054iPhone as of 11-5-14 005 iPhone as of 11-5-14 143iPhone as of 11-5-14 049

One of our favorite things about you right now is how you say words like book, took, etc. It sounds like ‘lerk’, ‘terk’, ‘berk’… It is HILARIOUS! We have got to get you on video doing it. You don’t say daddy anymore either…you started saying “Dally”…? So bizarre, but so cute. We correct you occasionally. Don’t worry, we won’t let you start middle school pronouncing it that way. 🙂 You also call Dan Tampa instead of Grandpa which is awesome. Glad Tampa is easygoing!

We are finally beginning to find our way into a schedule with Everett. We usually go to Sky 4-5 days every week, and you really love it. It’s a perfect way to spend an hour or two out of the house. It’s good for both of us! When we are home, you just drag out all your toys and play imaginary games with your stuffed animals and Anna and Elsa dolls.

iPhone as of 11-5-14 036 iPhone as of 11-5-14 052 Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 408

If Everett is having a good day or naps at the right time, we sit down and work on your alphabet, numbers, and puzzles. You do a great job putting your wooden shape puzzles together. You have been reciting your alphabet perfectly now for a few months and can count to 20. You can actually count items now rather than just reciting the numbers. You blow us away every day by showing us something new that you’ve learned. We were naughty this weekend and made orange rolls. You called your Dad out on the fact that the rolls aren’t orange – they’re yellow! Whaaaat??! Too funny! And you’re right! They are more yellow than orange! My goal is that we have more regular/structured play times to work on letters, numbers, and writing once we get settled down after moving.

We are basically done potty training now which is fantastic! You finally decided it was time. There was certainly no pushing you into it. You are very opinionated and everything must be on your terms! The Frozen undies we picked up for you were apparently the golden ticket. You’ve only had a few accidents. Hopefully, we are done for good! A few months ago, I thought I would be sending you to the 3rd grade in a diaper just because of your stubbornness. Thankfully, we have made it to the other side.

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots of you from the last couple months…

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 714

The lady that works in the floral department in Reasor’s by our house thought you were cute and decided to give you a balloon. You were ecstatic. And entertained for the long shopping trip. Definite win-win.

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 572

You rarely fall asleep before your actual naptime. If you do, you are beyond tired. I came into the living room after changing your brother and found you sleeping while standing up. How is that even possible??!

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 540

You are still obsessed with your stuffed animals and must have all of them present before drifting off into dreamland. You go through a roll call and let us know if anyone is absent. Obviously, we MUST find them before you can go to sleep.

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 372 Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 357 iPhone as of 11-5-14 017 iPhone as of 11-5-14 012 iPhone as of 11-5-14 009 iPhone as of 11-5-14 030

You motivate me to be a better mom and a better person in general. You deserve the best, and I really want to give it to you. I am so blessed right now to stay home and have a blast with you, and I really don’t want to take it for granted. The days can be long and trying with your brother being fussy/colicky, so I truly want you to enjoy your time at home with Everett and I. It was a tough decision to pull you out of LLH in order to stay home with your brother, so please know I am really trying to make life enjoyable and memorable for you! I am lacking in so many areas, but I am trying!

You are an amazing little girl, and I cannot wait to see where life takes you…or, rather, where you take life! We LOVE you more than you know, Bear!

Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 641


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