Fall 2015

It was a beautiful fall here in Tulsa. Relatively mild weather made for beautiful, slow-turning trees. It is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. There is just something magical about it. The fiery red, deep burgundy, bright orange, and bits of green hanging on the trees.

Fall 2015 050

This church in our neighborhood is downright dreamy. One of the best things about our little spot in Tulsa is that it is a beautiful place to take a walk. Lots of friendly people, too.

Fall 2015 203

Fall 2015 115

While it was difficult to get in evening walks, we still tried to get out as much as possible! The days get shorter and shorter, and the sun sets so early!

We love decorating in the fall, too! So much excitement as it leads into the bustling holiday season.

Fall 2015 172

Fall 2015 008Fall 2015 005

We made it out to Unkie Jordan & Aunt Katie’s place and spent time with Tampa as well!

Everett’s hair and expression in these pictures absolutely KILLS ME. Hilarious!

We had another great Thanksgiving at Nana & Papa’s house in OKC! As always, the food was ahhhmazing and so was the company!

Thanksgiving-New Years 044

Thanksgiving-New Years 038

Fall 2015 – You will be missed!


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