The Bear Cub is almost 2!

I’m completely blown away by the fact that this little baby girl is almost two. TWO!! How did it happen this fast? Whoa. And to think we’ve got another one of these little stinkers on the way is just crazy. Now that I’m feeling sentimental…time to look back at her first birthday!


Can you tell she was teething like CrAzY that day?! Poor Bear. All that pain to get in teeth that only stick around for a few years…She is still a cutie even when she is using her little hands as a teething toy, though.


Oh, that face of hers! It’s a force to be reckoned with. Am I biased?? Probably. That’s my duty as a mother…to be completely biased and think my kid hung the moon. Which she did.


Bear didn’t know what to think about her cake! If kids only knew how good they have it…to have an entire cake – just for you – placed on a platter ready to devour…kids live the life, I tell ya.




Yeah, she wasn’t feeling the cake. That’s okay. It was a box cake anyway.

Popsicles and ice cream are her sweet treat of choice right now, so we will be serving those up at her 2nd birthday party instead of cake.

We are definitely looking forward to having a house full of family and friends over on the 4th to celebrate the Bear Cub turning 2 and, of course, our freedom as Americans. And hot dogs. And fireworks. It’s going to be a great weekend!!


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