The Second Year…

Dear Bear Cub,

You are 2. Whoa.

You have officially made the transition from little, I-need-you-to-do-everything-for-me Baby to I-want-to-do-it-on-my-own toddler. A lot can change in one year! The first year seemed to last forever, but the second year…went by super fast!

You are very opinionated. You are very, very smart. I’m convinced you could beat me at a game of chess. I don’t really even know how to play chess, so you definitely could. You are incredibly adventurous and didn’t come equipped with a sense of fear. You think you are just as big as your 5 year old friends. You think David and Addison hung the moon. You sleep with approximately 12 stuffed animals every night. We started out with Sock Monkey and somehow ended up with Elphie, Giraffe, Ducky, Big Baby, Little Baby, and Teddy in the bed, too. You somehow manage to have all of them in your arms when we go in to get you up every morning. Even in the dark when we are tucking you in, you can tell if one of your  stuffed animals is missing. We best go find it if something is missing. Little Stinker.

You are not a big eater…Well, you are if it’s ice cream, popsicles, fruit pouches, and cheese. Oh, and dill pickles. Girl, you love you some dill pickles. You can live without the other stuff like veggies and meat. You have a palate that can detect even the smallest trace of veggie puree. You cannot be fooled. Future sommelier???

Alfalfa from the Little Rascals had your heart for a good while. Now, you cannot watch enough Frozen, Elmo or Bee Movie. My girl, you were destined to be a Jerry Seinfeld fan.

The outdoors bring you joy. You love to splash around and get dirty. Daddy is relieved that you are a blend of girlie/outdoorsy. The only thing truly “girlie” about you is that you like to play with my makeup. And have your little toesies painted. You pretty much despise hair bows and headbands. And ponytail holders. Your hair is beautiful just the way it is though! Free and fun, just like you!

No longer can we count your words. You have moved on to full sentences and will repeat everything you hear. Everything! Yikes! We are blown away by your vocabulary every day. You can count up to 15 and sometimes beyond. You know your alphabet. You know signs that I don’t even know thanks to your teachers at my work!

You are partial to your Unkies. You also love Cooper, Trooper, and Boone as long as they don’t get too close or hit you with their tails. You love little Iba. He is more your size. You and Ella make for a rambunctious team!

Let’s have a look back at your last year of life…

Right at one year old              Rockin’ your patriotic shades and swimsuit at the splash pad by our house.

First trip to the dentistFirst trip to the dentist - certificate                   First trip to the dentist!

Bike riding on Riverside in September             Biking on Riverside in the sunshine followed by live music and a picnic in the grass!

East Coast beach with me Beautiful beach on Cape Cod!

Sleepy at Plymouth            Sleepy girl at Plymouth!

Playing at Plymouth              Playing in the grass at Plymouth. Beautiful day!

Exploring the East coast              Cape Cod

In Orange Class for the first timeFirst day of school with me at LLH                  First day at work with Mommy! In Orange Class with Miss Stephanie!

Pumpkin patchPumpkin patch with us                    We joined the Emmetts at the Pumpkin Patch!

Halloween pumpkinHalloween carnival games                   You were a Little Pumpkin at the Church on the Move Fall Festival…

ThanksgivingThanksgiving with usThanksgiving with meThanksgiving 2013!

Philbrook Trip in the fall          Visit to the Philbrook with Momma, Nana & Papa! The Philbrook used your photo on a FB post which, of course, was just awesome! I mean, how could they not??! 🙂

Museum trip with Ella         Adventures with Ella at the Tulsa Children’s Museum!

Picking out a Christmas TreeElisa picking out the Christmas tree              Picking out the Christmas tree in Owasso!

Classic Santa picture   Terrified of Santa. Classic.

She loves to cuddleshe loves monkey                    Girl you love your Monkey from G-Pa and NiNi!

Rocking some sunglassesSunglasses section at Target for the win.

Valentine's Day

Braums treat    Braum’s Treat! Surely this counts as a major life event, right??!

Farmers Market with friends         Farmer’s Market on Cherry St. with Brian and Erin!

Zoo trip          First trip to the zoo!

Gussied up for the Garden Party           Your first Garden Party fundraiser for the Little Light House!

Summer Happenings so far…

Swimming with JoshElisa on the rocks at GrandGrand Lake with JoshWater DaySwinging at the parkFun at the park

And now…just a few more of our favorite snapshots of you.

Potty time

napping on the couch

Loves her sound machine and projectorLook at that footie.

Elisa in the bathtub

Colorful personality


Hold you!

Elisa at Peach Wave           Oh. My. Goodness.

It’s been a fun year little girl! Looking forward to even more adventures in the next!

Elisa and I

Love Momma and Daddy!






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