A Patriotic Birthday for the Bear!

Well, I had a completely different “theme” in mind for Elisa’s 2nd birthday party. That was until my sweet friend/former coworker, Hannah, brought it to my attention that a blowout “themed” party would probably be wasted on a 2 year old. Agreed. Elisa…care about a theme?…Not so much…as long as the party included toys, water, and some ice cream or popsicles, I knew she would be a Happy Camper.

Being born on the 3rd of July puts you at risk for having a 4th of July birthday every year. While I will try to not continually combine the two, it just seemed to make sense this year. I remember bringing her home from the hospital to a 4th of July cookout at our house put on by Nana, Papa, and the Unkies. At least that’s who I remember was there. Those first few days months were a blur! :)I remember the burgers were delicious. I also remember our neighbors firing bomb-like fireworks late into the night. Totally illegal fireworks that I would have enjoyed had I not needed sleep so very, very, very badly. Very badly.

It was a great 4th of July celebration and birthday party this year! Good food. Fun people. Sparklers. Ice cream. Hot dogs. All-American stuff. The weather was so much better than can usually be expected for July in Oklahoma too. Thankfully, it’s been a pretty easy summer for us Okies so far!

Elisa wasn’t into the whole opening presents thing. Let’s be honest – nobody wants to sit and watch the parents open gifts for 30 minutes. So sorry you all had to do that! 🙂 Hopefully, she will go to town ripping gifts open on her 3rd birthday!

Sadly, I stayed pretty busy and didn’t get to snap a ton of pictures. Here are a few I did manage to get!

Ella and Elisa spent a long while working on the lawn mower. With the rain we’ve had, I know Josh is tired of mowing the lawn every other day. I guess it was only a matter of time before he started to train himself out of a job.

Gassin' up the mower

Lesson on lawnmowers from GPA

See the Bear’s little birthday ensemble? Yeah, that outfit didn’t make it too long. Tear. 😦 One uncharacteristic Pull-Up explosion later, we had to move on to the birthday swimsuit. An actual swimsuit…not her “birthday suit” just FYI. I could make you think that we had a perfectly timed, mid-event costume change, but that would be a dirty lie. This is real life people. My mom (MuMu) and sister earned 7,463 Gold Stars for getting her cleaned up. That wardrobe change was the stuff nightmares are made of.

I am forever indebted to you both.

At least I snapped this of the Birthday Bear before the incident…She is licking the salt off a chip in case you are wondering.

Birthday Bear

She was moving so fast that night it was nearly impossible to get a picture of her!

Thirsty birthday girl

Now here are 4 Patriotically dressed kids…all in a row…ready to party. Cuties!

Notice the only thing Elisa has on her plate is pickles. It’s the hand I’ve been dealt.

Patriotic kiddos

It really was a great night! We are so thankful that our friends and family chose to spend part of their 4th with us!

Back yard sittin'

Lots of friends are preggo right now along with me! Here is my dear friend Erin looking all cute in the early stages of pregnancy. Me, entering into the Sweaty Whale Phase of pregnancy…commonly referred to as the Third Trimester. Note to self: horizontal stripes are not your friend in the Third Trimester. Erin, you are beautiful as always! Keep rockin’ the stripes!

With Erin

Competitive Brothers from a sports-loving family.  Jared and Jace

Cousins chatting over popsicles…livin’ the American dream.

Popsicles with Ella

All American foodPopcorn boxesHomemade caramel popcornIce cream treatsIce cream cookie sandwiches

Classic. American. Food. No one should count calories on a holiday anyway, right?? I feel that way about Mondays, too. And the weekends.

Since we live right in the city, we are limited on fireworks. No HUGE explosions for us. Fountains simply had to do.

In the city limits fireworks show

At least sparklers are city-approved!

Fireworks with Josh

I want to move out of the city just for the freedom to shoot off good fireworks! Seriously.

Bear Cub – We hope you enjoyed your birthday! You were partying hard into the wee hours (10pm for you!), so we think you had fun! Next year, we can do whatever theme you want! As long as it’s not Frozen. Or Elmo. I am starting to grow tired of those.

– Much Love from your Momma

front door decoration - cropped



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