Porter Peach Festival and Livesay Orchards

It was a beautiful weekend for the Porter Peach Festival! Early Saturday morning we headed out with Elisa and family to Porter USA! We stopped by Livesay Orchards on the way into town for some peaches and other treats.

Livesay really is a pretty piece of OK property. Glad we got there early, because it was packed by the time we left!

Livesay Orchard

Livesay jars

Livesay had lots of different goodies to choose from…not just peaches! I picked up a special treat for my Mom and Sister while we were there. (This Porter Nectarine Jam is not it in case you two read this!) 🙂

Livesay Orchard

I CANNOT WAIT to make something with these beauties! But what will I make?? Peach ice cream? Peach pie?? Peach cobbler?? Peach crisp? Peach puree for bellinis or margaritas?? Peach chutney for pork loin??? I’ve got to make it count!

Oddly enough, our sweet neighbors just brought us back peaches from Louisiana that are beautiful as well. Josh is content with just eating them like an apple.

Elisa with Lil Sarah

You know it’s unusual OK weather in July when you can start the day out in a long-sleeve tee!


After we finished up at Livesay, we headed to town to catch the car show and parade. And the food. The show had some really great cars! Some certainly didn’t belong in it, but hey…that’s ok! 🙂 Good to see so much community participation. It definitely was worth the trip!

Car show

Car Show 2

After the car show, we headed over to the main festival area for lunch and the parade. Classic fair food never disappoints. I tried to be good and only had part of a burger without cheese. It was a delicious burger. And a good choice.


Fact: I Love Ketchup.

Of course, we had to have a bowl of peaches and ice cream! peaches

This may be one of my favorite things of all time. So simple, yet so delicious!

Peaches with Elisa

Elisa started asking to have ice cream around 8am Saturday morning. For whatever reason, she was not in the mood for it once we got there. That’s ok. More for Momma & Daddy. 🙂 She did sneak a few sips gulps of Josh’s Dr. Pepper. Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen often. I believe we can thank Nana for introducing her to the magic that is ice cold Dr. Pepper…and Daddy for occasionally making her WHOLE day by offering it to her.


That’s the stuff!

It was a cute little parade!



fire trucks


Small Town ‘Merica.

Haven’t seen or smelled a horse in a long time.

We all know why horses are always the last in the parade line. Man.

They sure are pretty though!

Elisa didn’t really know what to think of it all. Honestly, she seemed a little sleepy. Maybe it was the sugar crash after the DP.


Cuddle Bear

Look at that face though. She gives the best snuggles.

Can’t wait to take little Everett with us next year!

– Sara







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