Bear…Your year as a LLH Staff Kid…

elisa and alyssa


What fun you’ve had at Little Light House as a staff kiddo over the last year! As parents, we consider ourselves so blessed that you have been able to spend time there. The peace of mind that came with just being in the same building as you every day was HUGE. Being able to really trust your teachers and caregivers was even more MONUMENTAL.

There were a lot of tears, frustration, and heated conversations at your first daycare. Even though you were over 8 months old when I started back to work, it was still so hard to leave you there everyday. I would go to pick you up and you looked exhausted. Physically and emotionally exhausted. Every day, I would get the rundown on what foods I sent that you DIDN’T like, how much you DIDN’T eat, and having the use of your cloth diapers likened to operating a space ship.  And, at the end of the day, you didn’t smell like…well, you. Maybe that’s silly, but you really didn’t!

We didn’t face any of that stress while you were at LLH with me! I have never worried about your well-being. Not one time. You were in a place with dedicated teachers and loving volunteers that feel it is their calling to shower you and the LLH students with attention and love every day. Talk about peace of mind for this Momma! I know your Daddy has felt the same way! One of the best parts of you being at LLH?? You smelled like you at the end of the day! 🙂

You were able to start out in Orange Class with Miss Stephanie! I guess we can start calling her Aunt Stephanie now. 🙂 CrAzY. I should be a professional match-maker. Of course, Miss Lindsay was awesome, too. Always quick to give you snuggles and help you settle in each morning.

You had SO MUCH FUN in Orange Class! I loved getting to peek through the window and see you trying so many new things. Stephanie is so creative and certainly not afraid of messes, so you were able to engage in all kinds of sensory activities. I LOVED that. You went from cruising to walking during that time frame, and I know your time spent in Orange helped you do that. Your desire to keep up with the older kids in SKIP (David and Addi especially) was a huge motivator in that department too!

Your first day in Orange Class seems like an eternity ago! You look so little!

In Orange Class for the first timeFirst day of school with me at LLH

Elisa in the gym

You came in looking like a baby and left looking like a little kid! It’s crazy the difference just 6 months can make.

45008_327374644074978_903806166_n   60125_353772641435178_1956283672_n   1003035_353773561435086_2073495214_n

Getting a little love and encouragement from a friend. 🙂


And some snuggles from Ms. Mary Ellen.

Elisa and Mary Ellen

Of course, you had to take Sock Monkey for show-and-tell! Can’t remember what else happened that day, but judging from the back-up outfit things got messy!


Sweet lovins’ for a sweet friend. This picture melts my heart!


Clothing is always optional in Orange Class.

And how could any kid not LOVE Muddy Pigs today?! The LLH staff probably loves it even more than you guys!


1452222_358644754281300_1702698569_n   1395771_353773571435085_774756593_n   1560424_398882893590819_1858482748_n 1385983_353780528101056_1961554728_n   1461179_358644484281327_1199579779_n   1467344_358644217614687_925708372_n

We are lucky enough to have the fire department/police department come out to LLH for you kiddies to explore!


The face of a little girl that stole a cookie…

1619478_398882280257547_130645889_n   1557558_398882303590878_1700846287_n

Messy adventures with a fellow SKIP friend…

1474433_365442143601561_80271199_n   1479456_365442050268237_59801285_n

In January of this year, you got to graduate over to Yellow Class to make room for another SKIP friend in Orange! Miss Heather and Miss ShaNeka took fantastic care of you just like Miss Stephanie and Miss Lindsay did!

The learning and adventures didn’t stop in Orange. Yellow Class was full of new activities and avenues to explore. And even more fantastic volunteers gave you lots of lovin’ and support!

1487388_602988456422495_1655334083_n   1012694_603213396400001_1657242844_n   1477629_632005800187427_2142122662_n   1496902_616419131746094_807596865_n

Elisa and Vivianna

You got to meet the oh-so-famous Mavis Pearl on Valentine’s Day!

IMG_2297   IMG_2329

Easter is always a great time at LLH too! These pictures are some of my absolute favorites of you!

Elisa Easter at LLH - serious faceElisa Easter at LLH - full color

I LOVE your two front teeth. LOVE. Is that strange?? Maybe a little.

4th of July at LLH means a parade around the school and patriotic activities in the classrooms!

4th of july   making fireworks   making fireworks 2

Water Day is one of the BEST days of the whole year! What a blast! Squirting adults with water guns is pretty much one of the greatest joys in the life of a kid.

IMG_3979   IMG_3884IMG_4018

Mavis came back to visit and brought a Kangaroo friend with her!

IMG_5268   IMG_5245IMG_5275   IMG_5253IMG_5252

You sure do love your Miss Heather and Miss ShaNeka!

Last day in Yellow

Not only did you get to be a part of Orange and Yellow, but you were able to play with the other staff kiddos in SKIP each afternoon and on Fridays. I need to dig up some more pictures of you in SKIP, because you absolutely love those kids! Every time we get in the car to go anywhere, you ask to go see Addi and David.

Just a few of the SKIP girlies! Elisa in skip - cropped and flipped

Oh Bear…what an amazing year it has been! These pictures are so not representative of all the learning opportunities you experienced at LLH! If I achieve nothing else as a Stay-at-Home Mom, it will be that I at least offer you some of the learning experiences and fun that you had at LLH. I’ve got some big shoes to fill!

Elisa School Picture

– Love Momma


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