Everett’s Newborn Photos

We were fortunate enough to have our good friend Erin of Erin Goodrich Photography come and capture Baby Everett when he was barely 1 week old. She was able to get some sweet shots of him, the nursery/guest room, and our new family of 4. Here are a few favorites! Ok, maybe not a few…but not all that was on the disc. 🙂


egp-27   egp-25   egp-23egp-11

egp-4   egp-3   egp-8 egp-2egp-24   egp-15


egp-19   egp-17   egp-20egp-6egp-10

egp-29   egp-28egp-30

egp-48   egp-46egp-52egp-39egp-68egp-71egp-72egp-73egp-83egp-97

egp-102   egp-101


egp-108   egp-76



egp-117   egp-126


egp-149   egp-145


egp-152   egp-154egp-173egp-187egp-183egp-186egp-184egp-192egp-179egp-168   egp-161egp-169egp-176egp-160

Thank you so much Erin! We can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy at the end of October!!

– Sara


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