Trip to the Philbrook!

On the 2nd Saturday of every month, Tulsans are treated to free admission and activities at the beautiful Philbrook Museum of Art.

This weekend, Aunt Sissy and Cousin Ella came to play along with us and enjoy the day! Everything is still pretty much green in Tulsa…the leaves haven’t really started to turn yet. Last year, we went in November and it was beautiful. I definitely want to go back next month and catch the fall colors. Anytime is a good time to go to the Philbrook!

We started out with the first craft section that involved making a musical instrument out of the supplies they provided. Not gonna lie…we could’ve used a bit more direction. The supplies were random. And Sis and I were a little short on creativity that day. So we copied off one of the other kids. The second craft section was really neat…the kids could make fall collages out of all sorts of materials – burlap, felt, crepe paper, string, etc. I, ahem, Elisa was in heaven.

10-13-14 287 10-13-14 290 Elisas fall collage

After finishing up inside, we took a walk out in the gardens. It really never gets old.

10-13-14 296 10-13-14 300 10-13-14 302 10-13-14 305 10-13-14 308 10-13-14 311 10-13-14 314 10-13-14 315 10-13-14 318 10-13-14 320 10-13-14 323 10-13-14 325 10-13-14 327 10-13-14 329 10-13-14 331 10-13-14 337 10-13-14 344

We took a picture of Elisa in this same spot last year, and the Philbrook actually used the picture off my Instagram. My kid is a celebrity. 🙂

philbrook fb post


It’s crazy the difference a year makes! She looks so big!

10-13-14 354 10-13-14 358

After walking the gardens at the Philbrook, we headed to Utica for some hot coffee and a treat. Elisa chose a “punkin cookie” as her treat. And then she commandeered my water that I so desperately needed and got massive amounts of punkin cookie backwash in it. Stinker.

10-13-14 36510-13-14 369

Elisa in her Canadian tuxedo. Ha! Still cute!

10-13-14 37210-13-14 380

It was such a fun day, and I was so grateful for the break! Josh and Nana kept Lil Man for me, so I could just focus on Elisa for the afternoon. I was a little hesitant to leave him…that was only the second time I had been away for more than about 30 minutes! Of course, he was fine. He took a bottle. I was fine. We all survived. 🙂

Awesome day!

10-13-14 292


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