Valentine’s Week – 2015

As a kid, I always LOVED Valentine’s Day. The class parties in school with all the paper valentines, handmade boxes, treats galore, and no real school work being done…simply the best! I want Elisa to remember holidays being a blast even at home.

Since the beginning of February, I’ve been finding little activities for her to do. She made little cards to send out to family along with a few IG prints inside each one. She had so much fun decorating the cards. I gave her free reign in putting on the stickers, and she definitely got sticker happy on a few. It was fun to see all the cards lined up before mailing them out.

2-5-15 124

We also made lots of sweet goodies to send with Daddy to work. Don’t worry everybody – she had clean hands. 😉 And she only licked the frosting off the spatula after we were finished with it.

IMG_7956   IMG_7796IMG_7950   IMG_7951IMG_7955   IMG_7957IMG_7954IMG_7953   IMG_7805

We did save a few treats to share with Daddy at home…


Friday, I took the Bears to run a few errands and to Freddy’s for lunch. Elisa did a great job eating her “chicken and ketchup”, so I treated her to a custard of her choice…Chocolate. Such a woman already. 😉 And she put the hurt on that custard. We barely had any left to take to Josh at work. We stopped by Daddy’s office and dropped off some more sweet treats. Bear loves to sit at the desk and pretend she’s working, so it’s always fun to stop in for a few minutes.


Girl was in heaven.

Thanks to Unkie Jordan and Aunt Katie, we were able to enjoy a quick night out for dinner at Lucky’s. It was SO GOOOOOOOD. I’ve been dreaming about that crispy sea bass ever since. Absolutely perfect. Nom Nom Nom. Unfortunately, the mood lighting was too dark for me to take pictures of our dinner. Bummer. Josh also brought home a fun little car to drive for the night. Of course, he took it right back to work the next morning because who wants that kind of responsibility over an entire weekend?? Not us! It was actually really nice to drive something that wasn’t full of car seats, wipes, and toys. Thanks Hubs! 😉

IMG_7943   IMG_7831

Late Friday night, Daddy helped me decorate the Bear’s play area. Thank heaven for the Dollar Tree. She woke up to quite a surprise on Valentine’s Day morning. Tampa and NiNi joined us for brunch. They brought the kiddos toys, and Elisa has been obsessed with her play-doh ever since. It was such a fun morning!

IMG_7968   IMG_7958IMG_7959   IMG_7966IMG_7967   IMG_7961IMG_7960   IMG_7964IMG_7965   IMG_7963IMG_7867   IMG_7843IMG_7842   IMG_7962

That afternoon, we headed out to the Philbrook for Second Saturday! 70 degrees in mid-February in Oklahoma doesn’t always happen, so we HAD to take full advantage. Especially since ice/bad weather was predicted for Monday. It was a beautiful day to spend outside, and I’m so glad we made time for it.

IMG_7995IMG_7998   IMG_7997   IMG_7996IMG_7993  IMG_7987   IMG_7990  IMG_7986IMG_7991IMG_7989

Can’t wait for next Valentine’s Day when Lil Man can munch on some sweet treats and join in on the action with us!


And here is a little more Cupid Cuteness…

2-5-15 011   2-5-15 0032-5-15 007   2-5-15 0062-5-15 005   2-5-15 0042-5-15 002

Love Ya Bears!


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