Lil Man Update – 8 Months

Oh Lil Man,

You are the cutest. You literally look like a teeny tiny man. With long limbs, a bald head, and no fat on your hiny. And those eyes of yours. Big and round and full of life. You are so incredibly aware of what’s going on around you. Don’t even get me started on your lips. Yowza. There’s a little spot on your chin that I always kiss and gnaw on. I just want to gobble you up everyday.

March 30 2015 309

You are ticklish under your arms and on your sides in the same spot as Elisa. I can’t help but tickle you during clothing/diaper changes. An opportunity to hear you giggle is just too difficult to pass up.

March 30 2015 319

You are opinionated for an 8 month old. You let us know quickly if something isn’t quite kosher. Like when your sister is pestering you, and you’ve had enough. You LOATHE having your face cleaned. You screech like a wild animal when I wipe you down after meal time. As loud as it is, it’s really hard not to laugh. You make this sound…kind of like a purring sound too. You are definitely finding your voice. I love the sound of your babbling. Of course, you keep saying dadadada…granted you are not saying it to your dad, but it is still totally unfair considering I spend every waking minute with you from sun-up to sundown. Oh, and overnight, too. Also, I birthed you. So, you better say Mama first. I mean it’s the least you could do. Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up!! 😉

April 2015 158

That face. I can’t handle it.

You are such a good eater! Blow my mind! So unlike your sister at this age. You will literally eat anything and everything I give you. You love fish, chicken, pasta, all veggies, fruits…oatmeal, avocado…you name it, you’ll eat it! It’s so crazy that you can eat so much and still be so tiny! I’ve come to the conclusion that you have your dad to thank for those genetics. I was also blessed with those genetics until I turned 30. Bye-Bye fast metabolism. I’m sure you have a lifetime of skinny to look forward to just like your Dad!

April 2015 012   March 30 2015 304

You can sit up and play really well now. You can roll over and army crawl, too. We expect you to just take off crawling on your hands and knees at any moment. I keep my phone at the ready. I purposefully put toys out of your reach to try and entice you to crawl. You also love to stand up and play. Also, unlike your sister at this age. We would always try to get her to bear weight on her legs and practice standing, but she would just curl her legs up. She would have none of that! We are betting that you will walk earlier than she did.

March 30 2015 324

On the weekends, Daddy will get up with Elisa so we can snuggle in a little later. It’s the best. The BEST. We spend the first 10 minutes of our day just cuddling and giving kisses. You grab my face and try to chew on my lips. You give the best slobbery kisses. I love it when you bury your face in my neck when you are excited. You are such a cuddler and neck-grabber.

March 30 2015 292

April 2015 106

You are very attached to me. That certainly has its positives and negatives. Mostly positives. 🙂 You are so much better lately about playing in the floor while I do chores or handle Elisa. I need to be within view though, and sometimes you will only play if I am sitting right there with you. Not just next to you…I actually have to be touching you in order for you to play. Otherwise, you just sit in the floor staring at me across the room with tears streaming down your face. Our house would probably be a lot cleaner if you weren’t quite so attached. But hey, there could be worse problems. 😉

April 2015 185   March 30 2015 175

You look just like your Dad. It’s a little crazy. Skinny, bald, and charismatic. The Winders’ Trifecta.

April 2015 184   April 2015 218

You really enjoy spending time outside. If you get really restless inside, I can usually take you out to swing on the front porch and that calms you right down. Of course, Elisa really loves to be outside too. We are definitely a front-porch-sittin’ kind of family.

April 2015 147April 2015 146April 2015 145

Thankfully, you have not been sick at all. Like ever. We are so fortunate. Hoping we can keep that health streak going! The only issue you have had so far is a slight heart murmur that we had checked out a few months ago. So far, it hasn’t posed any kind of serious threat, and we are so thankful for that!

April 2015 016

I am still staying at home with you and Elisa full-time. Our days consist of playing, meal times, Sesame Street, going to the gym, and chores (womp, womp). Our evenings consist of dinner and hanging outside with Daddy. We are so excited that warm weather is here!

So far, I think the longest we have been away from each other was about 6 hours. Daddy and I went to a concert. Honestly, that was long enough for me. What about you?? Nana said you did just fine without me. I’m going to believe that you were a little lonely and a little heartbroken. Although, this picture would suggest otherwise…


You love to jump on the bed with Sister. It’s pretty much your favorite thing ever. You like for me to carry you while we chase her around the upstairs living room/kitchen area. But shhhh…don’t tell Daddy that we jump on the bed. Or chase each other for that matter.

April 2015 041April 2015 042

You love to look out the big picture window in the upstairs living room. So does Elisa. We sit and watch the squirrels run up and down the tree in the front yard. Elisa gets excited and then gets you all wound up too. Stinkers.

April 2015 189

Also, I dress you in stripes. A lot. Basically every day. You are quite dashing in stripes.

Well, that pretty much sums you up for now. You’re the cutest thing in existence. Much love and smoochies, Lil Man!

April 2015 190


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