Bear Cub Update – Spring 2015


I thought it was time to document some of the things you’ve been saying and doing over the past few months. Your Dad & I do not want to forget all the little pieces that make up your personality and fill our days with laughter…and sometimes tears of frustration.

April 2015 170   April 2015 174

You are an absolute riot. The funniest stuff comes flying out of your mouth. Some of our favorite phrases as of late are:

  • “Where you went??!!”
  • “What color is it?!” – you say this CONSTANTLY. When it makes absolutely no sense
  • “Oh, you were just being silly?”
  • “Tell me a story about my f-lamily.”
  • Yellow pronounced as “lellow” – odd, because you used to say it correctly??
  • “I’m too tired to help pick-up.”
  • “No, I don’t want to!!!” *We get this one A LOT.
  • “No, he’s my feller! Not your feller!”
  • Granola pronounced as “gra-ola”
  • “You did it!!” – when we pull into the parking lot at Sky. I also consider it a victory.
  • “Can I have some ___, or no?” – the “or no” kills us.
  • “No, no, that’s enough.”
  • “But I’m NOT TIRED!!” *We also get this one A LOT.
  • “No, I can do it!” – in reference to everything under the sun.
  • “Can I watch it just a little bit longer?”
  • “I wanna run ‘nother/one more errand!”
  • “Can I read-a-one book?”

April 2015 162

Also, the way you say ‘dresses’ absolutely melts me. And I love the way you sound when you eat. Is that weird? I’m repulsed by all other loud-eaters except for you. Maybe since you were such a picky eater before, it made the sound of you actually chewing and consuming food seem like music to my ears. Ha!

April 2015 191

You love Daniel Tiger. LOVE. And you have picked sign language back up. We used to do it when you were a baby, and then you learned even more at LLH. Lately, you’ve been asking how to sign different things, so your Dad has been looking up the demonstrations. You love to watch Signing Time despite the terrible music.

You still like Frozen, but you aren’t as obsessed with it as you once were. Now, you like all the princesses although I’m not sure how you even know who they are. I was shocked to hear you point out Tiana (is that her name?) and Rapunzel. You’ve never seen those movies, so I seriously don’t know how you know. I don’t understand how you know who/what Hello Kitty is either. Must be subliminal messaging on TV.

April 2015 159

You are slowly becoming a better eater. Slowly but surely. Lately, you love strawberries, greek yogurt, and granola as a snack. You usually ask for toast or waffle for breakfast and ask to eat and watch cartoons on the top of the stairs. You’ve also been eating hummus, which I consider to be a pretty big deal. We are making headway.

April 2015 043

You love painting, and you HAVE to have all the colors on your plate. I always tell you to leave the colors separate, but you always end up mixing them together. The other day you were finished painting, and we were headed upstairs to get dressed. At some point, you apparently sat on your paintbrush that was covered in brown paint…brown because you mixed all your colors up. I freaked. Totally thought you pooped your princess nightgown. So incredibly grateful it was just paint. Naturally, I texted a picture to your dad of your backside and told him to guess “poop or paint.” His response was “What’s happening?” Ha!

April 2015 199

You also enjoy puzzles and playing kitchen. You like to cook all sorts of stuff, but lately you have been making a lot of “french fry chicken.” Sounds delicious. You like to help me do real cooking in the kitchen as well. Who knows…maybe one day you will be a chef! Or maybe a sommelier with that ridiculously sensitive palate of yours.

Despite all the rainy days, we have been going for walks quite a bit. It usually puts brother to sleep, and you like looking for birds and squirrels. We spend a lot of time in the front yard either on the porch swing or under the big tree. Your Dad and I are so glad you like to hang out with us outside.

April 2015 211   April 2015 210

You keep us entertained baby girl!

April 2015 018   April 2015 022

Love, Love, LOVE YOU!!!


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