Father’s Day – 2015


Well, we have had a bit of a crazy day already with our cubs. They’re real stinkers sometimes, you know? Wow.

While today has not been picture perfect, I think it is perfectly representative of what Father’s Day celebrates…not only surviving down in the trenches of fatherhood but thriving. You, Sir, are thriving.


Choosing a spouse is a lot like choosing a coworker. Someone that you will work the rough, crazy-busy-ERAC shifts with and also the leisurely, laid-back shifts. Someone that will give 110% every single day and that can always be counted on. That is so you. I chose well.

Everett with Josh and Elisaegp-79

You are always on top of things around the house. I NEVER have to ask you to mow, trim limbs, organize, etc. You are helpful with household chores too…you help clean dishes, sweep floors, and you are so very close to actually getting your clothes in the dirty laundry basket. I’m beaming with pride as I type this. 😉

I’m thankful that we are on the same page in regards to the general trajectory of our marriage, family, careers, and pastimes. It makes it easy to process decisions and dream about our future together.


I’m thankful that you are the guy that is good at pretty much everything. Who knew that God could fit so many talents in one man? You can do everything from working on cars to building cabinets…you can play the drums and even paint beautiful pictures. I feel like there is nothing that you can’t do.

If I ever have a problem, I have a deep-rooted confidence that you will have a solution. I respect your opinion so much, and I value it even more.

While Elisa has you wrapped around her little fingers, I think you’ve got her wrapped around yours as well. She is so attached and loves you so much. It breaks her heart when I tell her you went to work every morning. She hates to see you leave and is thrilled beyond measure when you come back home. You light up her life.


Everett has so many camping and hiking trips in store for him…he better rest up now to get ready! I am confident that you will guide him with love and a firm hand, and I know he will grow to be a man respected by his peers just like you are. He is in good hands with you.


You are a rock. A good man. An incredible Dad.

Happy Father’s Day

– Love Sara, Elisa, and Everett


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