Lil Man Update – 10 Months

Oh Feller.

You’re a real stinker.

You have finally arrived at the fun age! Fun age in my book anyway. 😉 You are a mover and a shaker. You are physically incapable of sitting or lying still. You inherited that from your always-on-the-go, naps-are-for-sissies Dad. Changing your diaper could be an Olympic event. I’m exhausted, sweaty, and in dire need of water after it. Getting you dressed, too. Yowza. I’ve started doing it in stages.

  • Change diaper – allow a minimum of 10 minutes of crawling and climbing before next step
  • Post-Bath Lotion – allow a minimum of 15 minutes of crawling and climbing before next step
  • Water break for Mom followed by stretching and at least 5 minutes of meditation
  • Pajama wrestling match – ***call in reinforcements if pajamas have more than three snaps
  • Bed Time. For everyone.

Summer 2015 132

You are finally growing. Finally! Granted you are still teeny compared to other kids your age, but hey! You’re finally over 16 lbs now! Actually, you might weigh more than that now, because that was already a month or so ago. While you probably won’t be a star linebacker, you are certainly athletic and surprisingly coordinated. Your Dad and I can’t wait to see you play sports one day!

You have begun throwing little temper tantrums. Shocking that we are already entering into kid phase! I’m. Not. Ready. Actually, yes I am. Bring it on. I can’t wait for you to evolve into a little being with opinions and jokes and shenanigans. You consider having your face wiped a form of cruel and unusual punishment. You hate it. You looooaaaattthhe it. Changing diapers and getting dressed is the same thing. You scream. Aunt Katie and Unkie Jordan learned that the last time they watched you. Poor souls. I should’ve warned them.

I love the way you shriek with excitement when we are playing. You have so much fun playing with Elisa in her room. We are definitely having to work on the whole concept of sharing with sister. Especially since you like to play with her little Disney princess figurines. Which brings me to my next note…You really like playing with Elisa’s princess figurines. By play, I mean chew, but still. You get UPSET if we have to take them away!

with Elisa

You love bath time. LOVE. You squeal and crawl as fast as your little body will allow straight to the bath tub. You refuse to sit down on your bum. You want to be up grabbing for the soap bottles, toys, and whatever else you can get your hands on. We usually have to cut your baths pretty short, because you are so reckless in there. You just slip and slide all over the place.

Right after you turned 8 months, you started army crawling and sitting up on your own. Towards the end of your 8th month, you started pulling yourself to standing and cruising. You first pulled yourself up on the bathtub while you were waiting for me to get you in with your sister. I turned around to grab a wash cloth out of the cabinet and then there you were! You were halfway up! I put my hand on your waist just to make sure you didn’t fall over, and you were able to pull yourself up the rest of the way. You cruised for the first time while Josh was playing with you and Elisa upstairs in her bedroom. You were standing at her little play kitchen and took some steps.

Summer 2015 152

You started really crawling shortly after you turned 9 months. In the last couple weeks, you have become super fast at it. You are fearless. You want to climb and pull up on everything. I caught you climbing up the stairs a couple weeks ago. You made it to the 3rd step. Luckily, I grabbed you before you could get much further.

Summer 2015 084

You are such a good eater. The calories and your non-existent waistline just don’t add up. You sort of skipped on past “baby food.” You do so well with table food. You love all kinds of pasta, chicken, fish, and fruit. You can do some damage on a plate of french toast or pancakes. I shamelessly give you some Nutella after your meals as a treat! You absolutely love it.

Summer 2015 184

You are finally sleeping more at night. Lately, you only wake up 1 or 2 times to nurse. I will take that over the 5x every night like before. At most, you take two naps during the day. Short ones. Far too short most days. You wake up early, too. I wish I could explain the value of sleeping in to you. I’m betting you will be like your dad and never sleep past 6:45am.

Summer 2015 024

You have teeth finally! 2 on the bottom, 2 on top. You actually have two more top ones coming down right now as well. You have a gap between your top front teeth. You inherited that from me. Sorry buddy. Don’t fret, because we can fix it when you get older! Besides, you are already owning it. 😉

Summer 2015 090

You really are a sweet boy. Definitely a Momma’s boy. Glad your colicky days are behind us. Bye colic! See ya later! Miss ya never!

Summer 2015 060

I’m going to blink, and it will be your first birthday!

We love you so much Feller Feller!

– Momma



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