Summer at the Philbrook

This weekend was Second Saturday at the Philbrook, so we loaded up the kids for lunch at Jason’s Deli on 15th street followed by a walk through the gardens. We typically visit the Philbrook during each season. The more interested in landscaping we are the more we appreciate just how beautiful it is. And the work. Oh my goodness, I can’t even fathom the number of hours and number of dollars it takes to keep that up all throughout the year. We also love to drive through that part of Tulsa and peer into the yards (and windows if we’re lucky) of those fantastic, wonderfully historic homes. Lots of Cape Cod style houses, incredible landscaping…we always drive through that area to look at Christmas lights, too. It’s one of Tulsa’s gems.

Jason’s Deli is one of our favorite spots. It’s kid-friendly. The food is fresh and delicious. The nutty mixed-up salad is what dreams are made of…field greens, tender chicken, walnuts, seeds, cranberries…feta crumbles…apples. Makes my heart sing. It’s practically fall on a plate. I was CRAVING that salad. Let’s face it; I’m ready for fall to start. Totally over this Oklahoma heat. Every summer, I question why we decided to put down roots here. But then fall comes, and I get sucked into staying again.

Summer 2015 079Summer 2015 080

The best part of Jason’s Deli??? Simple. The ice cream cones. They’re so dainty and light that I feel no reason to stop at one. Or two. Especially since I had a salad.

Summer 2015 081

As always, the gardens were gorgeous. It never disappoints.

Summer 2015 084 Summer 2015 083Summer 2015 085Summer 2015 086Summer 2015 087 Summer 2015 088 Summer 2015 089Summer 2015 090  Summer 2015 091Summer 2015 092  Summer 2015 093Summer 2015 094Summer 2015 095  Summer 2015 096Summer 2015 097Summer 2015 100  Summer 2015 099Summer 2015 098Summer 2015 104  Summer 2015 101Summer 2015 102

It was a sweet surprise to see that Philbrook used another picture of the kids on their social media! The above picture! Very cool!

Summer 2015 103Summer 2015 106  Summer 2015 108Summer 2015 110  Summer 2015 109Summer 2015 107

Those huge, gigantic, absolutely beautiful FERNS. I LOVE FERNS.

Last picture. It’s my fave.

Summer 2015 105

Look how tiny she is under that massive tree. Lots of adventure bundled up in that girl. She loves to explore the outdoors. That is, until, she gets dirty.

Philbrook, we enjoy you everytime!


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