Donut Ya Know the Bear Turned 3??!

Honey Bear had such a great 3rd birthday! Lots of friends and family came to spoil her and love on her. She is special, and she is blessed. That’s for sure.

Such a fun morning.

We special ordered donuts for her from OK Country here in Tulsa. Their donuts are sooooo goooood. SO GOOD. Melt-in-your-mouth. They decorated some pretty tulips and lilies to go with our flower theme. So cute. We also had an assortment of regular donuts. Josh would’ve passed out if there had not been at least one chocolate long john. The party would be over. Everyone, just go home.

We also had french press coffee for the adults in order to keep up with the children that were so hyped up on sugar.

Elisa's 3rd Birthday 015

Baby girl loved the decorations that I made! The week before the party, she kept sneaking into the dining room to see what I was making. She definitely loved the little touches of gold! She kept saying she liked the “sparklies.”

Elisa's 3rd Birthday 003Elisa's 3rd Birthday 025  Elisa's 3rd Birthday 019Elisa's 3rd Birthday 007  Elisa's 3rd Birthday 010Elisa's 3rd Birthday 005Elisa's 3rd Birthday 028  Elisa's 3rd Birthday 022Elisa's 3rd Birthday 012Elisa's 3rd Birthday 031

She had lots of friends come to splash, blow bubbles, and play yard games. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. A cool front came through the night before, so the temperature was perfect for spending time outside.

Terri's Camera 235  Terri's Camera 227Terri's Camera 237 Terri's Camera 238Terri's Camera 245 Terri's Camera 264 Terri's Camera 263Terri's Camera 273  Terri's Camera 279  Terri's Camera 276Terri's Camera 280Terri's Camera 268Terri's Camera 253Terri's Camera 240

It was great having all of our friends and family there to celebrate the Bear Cub! It blows my mind that she will be starting preschool in a year.

She is not a baby anymore! She’s a full-on Threenager!

Heaven help us.

Love You Bear!




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