Porter Peach Festival – 2015

We ventured down to the Porter Peach Festival again this year! We started out the morning with a trip to Livesay Orchard for some fresh peaches and other goodies.

Summer 2015 020  Summer 2015 021 Summer 2015 023  Summer 2015 024Summer 2015 022Summer 2015 025  Summer 2015 026Summer 2015 027  Summer 2015 028Summer 2015 029  Summer 2015 030Summer 2015 031  Summer 2015 033Summer 2015 032  Summer 2015 036Summer 2015 037  Summer 2015 041Summer 2015 040  Summer 2015 038Summer 2015 039

After Livesay, we drove down to the festival and walked through the car show. Of course, that is Daddy’s favorite part…

Summer 2015 042Summer 2015 043  Summer 2015 044Summer 2015 046  Summer 2015 045

Everett wasn’t too enthused.

Summer 2015 047

After the car show, we headed to the main strip to grab burgers and watch the parade…

Summer 2015 048  Summer 2015 049Summer 2015 050

Small Town ‘Merica, right there. Apparently, McCollough’s is a one-stop-shop.

We wasted no time in making sweet treats with our peaches! First round – peaches only. Second round – fresh blueberries added in. The peaches were so juicy and so sweet. Perfect. They did not require the amount of sugar listed in the crostata recipe.

Summer 2015 053  Peach dessertPeach dessert 2

I’ve stowed away a bag of Porter peach goodness in the freezer. The hard part will be deciding what to use them for.

Until next year Porter!



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