3 Going On 13.


It is hard to believe you are 3. THREE. When you were a newborn, it was difficult to see past the baby phase. Your 3rd birthday might as well have been 3 million light years away. Now, you are this little girl full of jokes, smiles, and strong opinions.

You are so smart. Scary smart sometimes. You love to solve puzzles and read books. You are also very in-tune with the people around you. You are our little sponge soaking up everything you see and hear. Clearly you have your dad’s Rain-Man-Type memory. You still recite the origin of every article of clothing as we are getting you dressed and can recall exactly who bought which toys.

Your Frozen obsession stalled for a short while but now it is back in full swing. You love to wear your Anna dress and ask me to give you Anna ponies a.k.a pigtail braids in your hair. You love movie time with Daddy in the floor of the downstairs living room…both of you all snuggled up with pillows and blankets. Daddy loves it even more than you do.

You are slowly evolving into a better eater. Granted you dip almost everything in either ranch or ketchup, but I honestly don’t even care. If ranch is what gets you to try brocolli, then slather it on! 😉 You currently love greek yogurt, strawberries, and grahams with Nutella. Often, we take you out for ice cream, and you usually choose pink (strawberry). You like simple flavors – just like your dad.

We’ve had lots of ups and downs over the last year. If we’ve learned anything through parenting it is that most everything is just a phase. We chant this often to ourselves. There were plenty of naptimes and bedtimes that you fought us tooth and nail. Time outs and numerous other measures of discipline that proved ineffective. You are a fierce negotiator which you get from your Daddy. You are so independent and not easily persuaded. Strong-willed. You will not be the teen that jumps off the bridge just because all the other kids are doing it.

We’ve also had loads of sweet moments with you, too. Bedtime snuggles, stories, and smoochies. Seeing you light up over sno cones and trips to the donut shop. Watching you splash in Nana & Papa’s pool. Seeing you transition from single child to big sister. Lots of wonderful moments to be thankful for. Moments that far outweigh the tough times.

While I didn’t achieve everything I hoped to in this short year at home full-time, we did pretty good overall. Granted we were in survival mode between the move and brother’s colic. Once we got past that phase, we were able to do more crafts, reading, and playing. I wasn’t perfect; you probably watched a little too much Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger. But I think we did alright. You enjoyed the MOPs group that we participated in and always looked forward to going to the gym. We had quite a few trips to the library and park. Walks in our new neighborhood and other kiddos’ birthday parties. I beat myself up daily over not devoting enough time to countless Pinterest toddler projects and field trips. We did our best though!

Your Daddy and I are very excited that you get to go back to LLH and take part of all the fun there! Plus brother will be there with you. It will be a season of transition for all of us, but we couldn’t be more thrilled. You are already so smart, but now you will be even more ready to start Pre-K!

You belong around other people – kids and adults. You love to talk. Nonstop. Not just throwing in a few words here and there – you will carry full-on conversations with anyone that cares to listen. We are astonished daily by your vocabulary and ability to express your opinions and tell stories. You are our little chatterbox.

You love to go to the grocery store and pick out a cookie from the bakery case. I let you choose whatever cookie you like, and it makes you so happy! Like I’m letting you pick out your very own pony. We don’t quite make it through the produce section in Reasor’s before you announce to the entire store that you need to potty. It has become our little grocery shopping dance, and we do it every time.

You love Target just as much as I do – just as much as every other girl does regardless of age. If you think something is cool, you always ask if it came from Target. You love to walk through the toy aisles ooohing and ahhhhing over every little thing. Even toys that you generally wouldn’t have anything to do with. Just seeing them on the shelves in your beloved Target is enough to make even the most boring toy desirable. We go quite often and drag Daddy along with us sometimes!

You are quite motherly towards Everett. Almost to the point of suffocation. Recently, brother started venting his frustration towards your attempts at redirecting. He gets MAD. He thinks you are just the most fun thing ever though, too. He wants to climb all over you and jump with you on your bed (sorry Daddy ;)). You are always trying to take care of brother and even feed him which can be a little stressful sometimes! I’ve dug everything from old cheerios you found to whole grapes out of Little Man’s mouth. It’s the thought that counts though, right?!

I spend a considerable amount of time snapping pictures of you. How could I not?? You are one of the prettiest little girls I’ve ever seen! Here are a few of our favorite pictures of you from the past year…

egp-152  egp-250  image  10-13-14 290egp-179iPhone as of 11-5-14 094  iPhone as of 11-5-14 119iPhone as of 11-5-14 207  iPhone as of 11-5-14 164Iphone - as of September 2014 982me with Elisa  Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 681  10-13-14 259  iPhone as of 11-5-14 009  iPhone as of 11-5-14 030  Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 357Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 540Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 749  Sara's Iphone as of 12-1-2014 746IMG_7818  IMG_7843IMG_7954March 30 2015 115March 30 2015 041  April 2015 042April 2015 159  Elisa Ariel swimsuitSummer 2015 091  April 2015 23010-13-14 229  10-13-14 212January 2014 317  January 2014 090January 2014 365

Sweet girl, you are smart – you are funny – you are beautiful – and we are blessed.

Love you tons…

Mommy & Daddy




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