Everett the Explorer Turns 1!

Sweet Boy…Momma’s Boy…

You are finally 1!! The Big O-N-E!! Yay!!! You had such a great party. We had a cookout for you a few weekends ago. Hot dogs, chips, Nana’s baked beans…and I made you S’more cupcakes. Lots of family and friends came to join us and spoil you with toys. You no longer have to play with Elisa’s princesses; you have cars, and trucks, and balls, and farm animals. All is right in the world.

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You loved your smash cake. LOVED. You were completely covered in chocolate by the end of it. We literally sat you in the kiddie pool to wash off before getting you in the bath. It was so fun to see you tear into your cake, because Elisa just sort of poked hers a couple of times and then screamed in terror and complete disgust when her hands got messy. Not you. You saw an opportunity to get filthy and took full advantage.

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You are so fortunate to have such an amazing family that is so involved. A year ago everyone waited patiently to meet you in the hospital and this year you had a houseful of people there to celebrate! We were so glad that Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jared were able to come after all. Such a great surprise! Not to mention all the sweet friends that came, too. You all are the best. The BEST!!

September 2015 025  September 2015 026September 2015 029  September 2015 049September 2015 050  September 2015 051September 2015 048  September 2015 047September 2015 046  September 2015 031

We love you Little Man. You make our family complete!

September 2015 018September 2015 017



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