Everett’s One Year Update…That I Completely Forgot I Wrote!



This year has dragged on and flown by all at the same time. From day one, we were looking forward to you getting bigger, growing up, and turning into a little boy. You are so full of adventure and attitude and wonder.

Your first few weeks were actually pretty great. You were a pro at nursing right from the beginning. We basically just snuggled in bed for the first 2 weeks while MuMu took care of Elisa.


Around the 3rd week, the dreaded colic monster came in and stayed with us for a while. You went through a phase where you cried screamed from about 10pm until about 2am every night. It was rough. After trying everything under the sun, we finally settled on a lengthy bath routine which included a full body massage with lavender oil and music.

I previously vowed to never co-sleep. BUT when you wouldn’t take a pacifier, I decided to reconsider. You became my nightly snuggle baby. We would settle in for the night, all cuddled together, and would only get up if we ABSOLUTELY had to. I started to look forward to bedtime when the house was quiet, Elisa was sleeping, and you were happy as could be. You would always wake up about halfway through afternoon naptime, so I would lay down with you on our bed to nurse and cuddle with you while Elisa was still sleeping. All was right in your world if I was with you. You are still that way today. Such a little Momma’s boy. Around maybe 6 months or so, you started sleeping in your bed like a big boy. While I did love the extra space in the bed, I did miss your sweet snuggles.

You LOVED to spend time in the baby wrap. It was definitely your happy place for the first several months. I carried you around in it everywhere – grocery store, parks, library, volunteering for LLH, etc. I don’t know what we would’ve done without it!

You were a little foodie right from the beginning. I made very little “baby food”, since you took right to eating finger foods. In terms of eating, you were/are the complete opposite of Elisa. Hopefully, you stay this way and eat whatever is put in front of you. Currently, you love ranch and ketchup. Classy, I know. Whatever. Elisa is the same way. I’ll put ranch on broccoli if that’s what it takes for you to eat it! 😉 You LOVE blueberries, smoothies, and pasta. And ice cream. Oh, and Nutella. Definitely Nutella.March 30 2015 304  Summer 2015 184

Bath time. Ohhhhh, bath time. Just like I used to say I would never co-sleep, I used to say I would never let my kid crawl around like a caveman in the bath tub. Well, I’m here to say that I’ve eaten those words, too. It’s physically impossible to keep you sitting down in the tub. We try. We fail. Maybe one day when we can reason with you or bribe you into sitting on your bum. As of right now, it’s just not in the cards. So, we keep one hand on you at all times while you splash and play and slip around.

Getting dressed and diaper changes are officially your absolute least favorite activities of all time. Lots of screaming and squirming and violent protest on your changing table. While wiping the sweat off my brow and praying to Jesus for wisdom, I remind you that we have to change diapers and clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY and that you should really just start liking it. Hopefully, I can start bribing you to lay still soon. Chocolate, toy cars, etc. Surely those will do the trick. Apparently, you don’t do this at LLH for Mrs. Faith and Mrs. Darlynn?! Not fair!

You get to go to work with me, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. After almost exactly a year away, we are back at LLH and so thankful. One of my favorite people of all time, Mrs. Faith, is keeping you at LLH, and it is an answer to prayer. I really couldn’t ask for a better situation. I love getting to watch you explore and learn from the older kids. It’s the greatest.

Things you love…You love to chew on toothbrushes. It helps with teething. You love anything with wheels. I wonder where you got that?! 😉 You love to crawl on Elisa’s bed and stick your face in her pillow when you get excited. I learned you like to eat play-doh the hard way. You love bath time and squeal with excitement when we ask you if you are ready to get in. You love to climb stairs which is super scary. You also love to climb up in Elisa’s rocking chair and stand. I’m going to be on blood pressure meds soon, I just know it. You have no fear. You love ceiling fans. You love to be outside. You think your sister hung the moon. Unless she steals a toy; then all bets are off.

You are opinionated even without words. Your grunts and screams tell us everything we need to know. You are brave. You are strong for being such a little guy. You are adventurous. Funny, charming, and loving. A real ladies’ man. Such a flirt with those big eyes.

What was life like before you? We have absolutely no idea. You complete our family, and we really couldn’t ask for anything better.

You are destined for BIG things, and we promise to do our best. You deserve the best. You are the best.

Love you more than you know,

Mommy & Daddy


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