January 2016

As I sit down to write this, I am BLOWN AWAY that it is already a week into June! How did that happen? The last few months have been so busy – work, kids, volunteer opportunities, social gatherings – Life in general has taken off with us this year at a rapid pace.

There are lots of little memories that have happened so far this year that I simply do not want to forget. With that, I am going to hit the rewind button. All the way back to January.

We had an incredibly mild winter. It did snow once, and it was beautiful! Josh took Elisa outside to play in it. He pulled her around in the wagon, and she had a blast. There is nothing like freshly fallen, perfectly white snow.


We made several trips to our beloved Antoinette‘s downtown. It is truly one of our favorite places to go. We took the kids late one night when Everett was already in his pjs. He ran around like a lunatic and kept trying to run back into the kitchen and behind the counter. Little toot. I could not get enough of Elisa in this fur vest! I hope it fits next year and is still in style! I’m sure one day she will look back at it and question my judgement. I still remember the suspenders with music notes on it from my elementary school days. Hopefully, it’s not that bad.


On another one of our trips downtown, we stopped to take some pictures in front of the cool brick buildings by the Tavern, Glacier, etc. It is so neat to see downtown so hopping and happening compared to what it was 10 years or so ago.



She has to have a “coffee milk’ at every coffee shop/dessert spot we go to which costs us about the same as a GALLON of milk. But it makes her happy so… :)Also, her lips kill me. She’s gorgeous.

I had an afternoon off work back in January, and I took Elisa to get a “big girl” haircut! I also took her to get her little nails painted and a smoothie from Cafe Cubana on Cherry St. It was such a fun afternoon! She was in heaven and just kept giggling from all the excitement. I need to take her for a mani/pedi more often. She picked the brightest pink polish I have ever seen. I tried to persuade her…but she wouldn’t budge. She had to have the neon pink! Ha!

While the year started off busy, we did have a few lazy afternoons mixed in. Every now and then, they fall asleep unexpectedly and I catch a picture. 🙂

Everett is still obsessed with playing in the front window.


He is turning into a boy more and more each day. Crazy.

A few little random notes…

I can’t remember the exact dates, but Josh and I took a short trip to MO to help Mom & Dad organize Granny’s house. We were able to celebrate her birthday that weekend and also see my Mom’s parents. I am sure it was disappointing to them that we didn’t bring the kids. We need to take a trip up there with Elisa – possibly Everett, too. He is still just so cranky in the car. We took some treats up for the grandparents. I stopped at Glacier downtown to give them a little taste of Tulsa. It was good to see everyone.

We hosted our annual Donor Appreciation Dinner at the LLH. As always, it was fun to help do centerpieces, serve, and honor the sweet people that keep our ministry going.

I read a couple more books…Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life and At Home with Madame Chic. Both interesting reads. Of course, the Madame Chic book is total fluff but that was to be expected. It serves as a nice brain break. I also read Cold Tangerines around the same time. I love Shauna Niequist and believe that we would be instant BFFs. We just need to meet! Ha! Another reason why we need to take a trip to Chicago!

Josh and Terri gave me a stand mixer for Christmas, but (thanks to the sub-par contractor that “updated” our kitchen) it did not fit under the cabinets on our countertops. Yeah. We returned it and opted for an espresso/cappuccino machine instead. I was so sad that it didn’t fit, but we do get so much use out of the espresso machine! We keep Topeca on hand at all times, and Josh has become a regular barista. Baristo? What’s the male version of barista? Who knows, but he is really good at it. He’s good at everything.

I know I am forgetting things. That’s okay! I can always add more later!

You were good to us, January!



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