February 2016

February was definitely a blur. Between having my tonsils out, Valentine’s Day, and work, it seemed like the month was over in a flash. Maybe that’s just the phase of life we are in.

More mild weather made for a great month. We had plenty of opportunities to go on bike rides after work to the park and Starbuck’s in Kingspointe. Before we know it, Elisa will be on her own bike with training wheels.

The kids love to play at the park behind Carnegie elementary school. Everett calls all the pea gravel “candy” and tries to eat it. Surely, we are almost done with the “put everything in my mouth and try to swallow it” phase. Surely.



Elisa got to help Sharon and Channing with a little art project for the Volunteer Banquet. I can’t remember all the details, but they used the image for the Wings of Love volunteer of the year award. I wish I had a picture of the finished product.


The kids had a dentist appointment. This was the first one that Josh tagged along for. Elisa usually does good, but she fought us tooth and nail. Pun intended. It did not go well. 😦 She handled her previous cleaning like a champ, so I was just shocked when she refused to do it. Next time, we may have Daddy sit out and see if that helps. At least she looked adorable for her checkup!


The kids had their Valentine’s Day parties at school! So much sugar and even more fun. We made up treat bags for their friends. Everett’s valentine’s day cards were Star Wars! Ha! They both came home with sacks bursting at the seams. After school, she asked to sit and go through all of her valentines. She is so pretty.


Josh and I had a little mini-date for Valentine’s Day. We went down to Chimera and then Antoinette’s. While the time was short, we enjoyed it immensely.

On February 15th, I had my tonsillectomy surgery. Brutal. I would rather do natural childbirth again than have my tonsils taken out. Hank and Terri came up to watch the kids while Josh took me to St. Francis. It took a looong time for the drugs to wear off enough, so that I could go home. I overheard two nurses talking outside my room about how much pain killer was given to me and that it was apparently double what I needed considering my weight. So there’s that. Thankfully, my legs started to somewhat work again, so we could go home. Josh helped get me in the car and into the house.

I survived on chicken ramen noodles and popsicles for a week. By Saturday, I was actually hungry for real food. Nervously, I ate a chicken salad sandwich at our friends’ little girl’s birthday party. Surprisingly, I didn’t die. I continued to eat a little more throughout the day. While it was nice to not be so hungry, I was in considerable pain by the end of the day from pushing my limits. I went back to work the following Monday. I did not feel ready, but it went okay! I hope and pray that Elisa and Everett never need to have that done.

I received some really beautiful flowers that week, and it really did lift my spirits! Ann, the LLH, and my friend Erin sent flowers. So sweet.

Speaking of that birthday party, Angie did a beautiful job putting it all together. The girls had so much fun! We love getting to spend time with the Classens! It was a tea party, and all the girls got to wear their favorite princess dresses. Of course, Elisa chose to wear her light up Elsa dress. I even put a little makeup on her just for fun! She is gorgeous. I enjoyed taking pictures of all the pretty little details for Angie.


If I remember correctly, Sissy and Ella came up to visit one day, but I can’t remember all the details. I do recall that we ate lunch at STG downtown, and it was heavenly. We always love it when they come visit.


I believe we took a trip out to Jordan and Katie’s…I might be wrong but I think this might have been the trip that we took Troop out there to stay. I don’t think Troop misses us in the least now that he’s living the farm life.


Spring weather seemed to move in quickly. We will miss slow-paced evenings with the fireplace!


Another great month in the books!


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