April 2016

April was completely packed with work, special events, family…It was a crazy month, slightly stressful at times, but it was so much fun!

For a few months leading up to April, I helped with the silent auction for the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach (CPO) Celebrate Life Gala. In retrospect, I probably should not have committed to helping specifically with the auction considering I coordinated the auction for the Garden Party for LLH at the same time. I certainly will not do that again! Alas, everything worked out just fine, and we all survived.

The Celebrate Life Gala was a BEAUTIFUL event again this year. CPO switched venues from the Glenpool Convention Center to the Mayo Hotel. Of course, I am partial to the Mayo after spending some time working there. Considering CPO is completely volunteer run, it is AMAZING to see what these women can do all through volunteer service. Every person that had a hand in this event deserves a gold medal. It was beautiful, exciting, and well-executed. Nelson was a sponsor again this year, so we enjoyed a spot at their table along with some of Josh’s coworkers.


It was a great excuse to schedule a mini-getaway. Hank & Terri came up to watch the kids, and we enjoyed a night out! After the event, we spent a little time at the Penthouse upstairs which is always hopping.


It was so nice just to be able to sleep in! We enjoyed a slow-paced morning before heading home. We definitely needed the break from the day-in, day-out parenting grind.


The next day, we had an Open House for our new building expansion. We hosted lots of excited people ready to catch a glimpse of what the future of the LLH holds! I took an obligatory new office selfie.

10Open House postcard frontDSC_0115

Later on in the month, we had the Garden Party fundraiser for the Little Light House at the  Cox Business Center downtown. All the details came together beautifully, and we were able to raise a great deal of money on behalf of the children of the LLH. Here is our staff along with a few volunteers mixed in!


The auction turned out great! We did add in a Men’s category and hope to continue building up that section in years to come. We were fortunate to receive several different hotel stays to pair with nice restaurants for date/friends’ night out packages. Of course, the classroom art was beautiful as always. We were able to order new section signs which certainly added to the aesthetics.


We were able to add a bit more detail to the Bakery case that Josh built. Last year, it was a last minute idea, so we were not able to give it as much attention as we would’ve liked. This year, we had time to paint the roof and expand our offerings. Marcia made lots of little cakes in different flavors to go along with other sweet treats from various bakeries around town. I spent a great deal of time on the phone calling different places. Considering many of the bakeries decide last minute as to what they are going to donate, it turned out to be a wonderful assortment. Our talented Sharon made a gorgeous sign for the case and did the placeholder cards. Perfect!


Kendra Scott in Utica provided a jewelry pull for us which sold out in no time!


Sweet Kristin Dickerson stepped in to emcee the live auction portion of the event. I have seen her emcee at several different events now, and she always does an amazing job! So lively and personable. Sad to see her leave Tulsa for the Lone Star State. Texas is lucky to have her!


We were also able to sell bundtinis again this year from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Every purchase was a chance to win a prize. Those little cakes are SO GOOD. Side note: I loved ShaNeka’s outfit this year. She’s beautiful. Miss having her with us on staff!


We have a group of builders that continue to come together and build extravagant, over-the-top playhouses for us to auction off in our live auction. How cool is this playhouse?! Through the generosity of a very sweet attendee, we were able to raise a whopping $150,000 for the students of the LLH! She was also kind enough to donate it back for our kiddos to enjoy. Lots of cheering and tears around the room during the auction.


Another great Garden Party in the books.

Also in April, Josh and I were able to attend the Blank Canvas fundraiser benefiting Youth Services of Tulsa. It was certainly an event geared towards foodies. We were in heaven. It was great to see so many local chefs come together to support a great cause.

Blank Canvas fundraiser with Josh1918

We DEFINITELY plan on going again next year!

At the end of April, we took a trip to OKC to visit Nana. We made the short drive out to Tony’s Tree Plantation which is always fun. Their landscaping is just so much fun to walk through. Makes me want to buy ALL THE PLANTS.


Also, around the same time, we had an evening with the Classen Family out in the backyard. Afternoon slowly became evening, and we enjoyed a nice patio dinner. Of course, the kids had a blast. Definitely need to have them over more!


Speaking of the back yard, we spent a lot of time out there enjoying the mild temps. The kids had countless popsicles and trips down the slide.


I am absolutely positive that I did not include everything that took place in April…and that is okay! Onward and Upward.


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