June 2016

June was another great month. Our Links for Little Ones fundraiser was the first week of June, and Josh’s company sponsored again this year. I was so relieved that the tournament did not get rained out again this year. I was so sad for his team last year, since they didn’t get to play! It was a beautiful day at the Golf Club of Oklahoma. After Josh golfed, we drove one of the hospitality carts around for the golfers.


Hank and Terri were kind enough to watch Elisa and Everett, so we could celebrate his birthday. The timing could not have been more perfect as Tulsa Tough was in town! We haven’t gone the last few years, because we didn’t want to drag the kids along. We kicked off his birthday weekend with sushi at Yokozuna with the Tulsa Tough riders whizzing by outside the huge window.

Yokozuna has such a great view of the downtown skyline, and Tulsa Tough really is such a fun event to watch! So much energy and excitement…and so much training and hard work put in by the athletes.

Downtown was hoppin’! There was a Drillers’ game going on that night as well, so we were able to see the fireworks from the stadium.


After watching the races, we headed over to the Valkyrie…One of the best spots to grab a craft cocktail in Tulsa.


After the Valkyrie, we met Katie and Jordan down the street at Prairie. It is amazing to see the transformation from ghost town to a buzzing downtown. So many entrepreneurs and visionaries are pouring their hearts into making Tulsa a more exciting, desirable place to live, and we are certainly reaping the benefits!


The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast at Savoy WITHOUT CHILDREN. It was GLORIOUS. All the praise hands emojis. Dining without kids is akin to the excitement of Christmas morning or, perhaps, winning the lottery. The coffee was stronger, the cinnamon rolls were more decadent…everything tasted better. Great, great morning.

After breakfast, we seriously didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We drove aimlessly for a few minutes before heading home to decide. For whatever reason, I remembered an email I had forwarded to myself on different waterfalls/parks to visit near Tulsa a year or so before. We settled on Natural Falls State Park. It was so nice to just drive in peace and chat. We stopped for lunch in Siloam Springs and discovered an amazing pocket of small shops and restaurants.

We had lunch at the PRETTIEST little bed and breakfast called Inn at the Springs and had lunch there. I fell in love with the woodwork, the staircase, the chandelier, the shelving behind the bar…all of it. We definitely need to go back and stay there.


In the adorable little powder room, they had THE BEST smelling hand soap and lotion. I loved the packaging, too, so I looked up the info on the back to see where it was from and was surprised to see that it was from a shop located in Siloam Springs. As it turned out, the shop was just a short walk away!

On our way down the street, we stopped to take a few pictures…


The little shop is called Bathe, and it reminds me so much of the store in Practical Magic!


The best part was getting to mix-and-match all the different oils to create a scent. We chose “The Leaf” combination, because it has such a clean, fresh, yet earthy scent. The personable store owner mixed up our lotion and salt scrub right there for us and wrapped it beautifully. We will certainly be ordering more soon!


Right across the street, there was a cute little coffee shop that we decided to try. My salad at the B&B was yummy but not the most filling, so I decided to try their baked oatmeal with almond milk. If I remember correctly, it had peaches along with mixed nuts and dried berries. They steamed the almond milk, so it was nice and frothy. The coffee was wonderful as well. This goes down as one of the best little treats I’ve had. It really was so, so good.


We were completely unfamiliar with Siloam Springs and had no idea all of those cute shops and restaurants existed. It is wonderful to see other small towns and cities embracing their historic buildings and breathing new life and purpose into them as opposed to tearing them down. We stepped into a couple spaces that were under construction on our walk, and they are doing a beautiful job.

We drove just down the road to look at some houses tucked behind huge trees and lush landscaping on a hill overlooking the B&B. There were so many adorable older homes, some Cape Cod/Martha’s vineyard style homes.

A white house with black shutters is my DREAM HOME, and we found one right there on the hill!



After dreaming of what we would do to each house if we were the lucky owners, we headed down to the Natural Falls area. While it was pretty hot outside, we still enjoyed our hike. We were a little disappointed to see that the falls were somewhat dry compared to the pictures we had seen. Perhaps, we should go back at a different time of year when we’ve had more rainfall. It was still pretty, though!

After hiking around, we headed back to Tulsa to get ready for dinner. Stonehorse was our choice for the night. It is always exceptional. There was a nice breeze on the patio, so we decided to sit outside. Utica was surprisingly calm and quiet considering it was a Saturday night.

Josh ordered the meatloaf – no surprise there. While I typically hate meat loaf, Tim’s is not your typical meatloaf! I had it several times when I worked there and recommend it highly. I had the difficult decision of whether or not to have the pistachio-crusted halibut or his kosher chicken and spinach ravioli. Both are amazing. I went with the blue salad and ravioli. We went for the piping hot cherry cobbler and homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. Still having dreams about this meal. The next day, it was back to reality for us! We enjoyed our freedom while it lasted though! We had a little cookout for Josh’s birthday that, unfortunately, I didn’t really get any pictures of.

The kids enjoyed swimming and splashing in the pool at Hank & Terri’s this summer…just wish we could have gone more often!


Unkie Jace looks awfully cute holding a little boy!

At school, the speech therapists put on their very first Camp Chat for the summer session! They setup the gym like a campground and dreamed up all sorts of learning activities for the LLH kiddos. They all had a blast and learned so much! We got a great picture of Elisa along with a volunteer and her friend Amelia going on a bear hunt through the building!


Papa Gary also came to visit in June and brought Elisa a brand-new princess bike that she LOVES! She looks like such a big girl riding on it. We cannot wait for fall temps, so we can take her out on it more.


Next up…Elisa’s birthday in July!


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