Elisa – 2015-2016 School Year


It’s hard to believe we have a 4 year old! Surely, we don’t look old enough to have a 4 year old! 😉 This has been a major year of growth for you. Your communication skills have continued to explode, and you have made great strides in regards to your behavior. When we first started back to work/school, there were definitely some challenges which is not surprising. It was certainly a period of adjustment for all of us. We are so blessed that you both get to go with me to LLH.

You were in Pink Class this year at LLH with Mrs. Cheryl and Ms. Laura. It seemed to be the perfect fit for you! Since we have been back at LLH, you have been given so many more learning opportunities than I could have ever provided for you at home. You were able to participate in holiday parties and special events, meet new volunteers and guests, attend puppet shows and even prom! It has been a fun-filled school year, and we are so excited for what the future holds in the new LLH building! I LOVE that you will be one of the building’s first students. How fortunate are we that we get to be a part of this??! I hope you can remember well enough to look back on your time at here and realize just how unique of an opportunity it was.

Pink Class 2015-201612744106_1007656829272526_1533876843971371591_nArabian horse - elisa 2Arabian horse - elisacreationdress upElisa and Lucy 2Elisa and Lucy 3Elisa and Lucy

Elisa close upElisa speech timeipad with Priestpink class picture with prayer partnersPlaying in the water in SKIP 3season activity 2season activityThanksgiving Feast - time to eat!Thanksgiving Feast - prayerpink classIMG_1952gym time with Ruthanne and Charles



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