July 2016

Oh, you know…just posting nearly a year late. NBD. The summer session at LLH was exciting as always, but the speech therapists started a new tradition called Camp Chat. The kids got to make tie-dye shirts, go on bear hunts, and do other special activities. The kids had an absolute blast doing it. One afternoon, Lindsay’s husband brought by their sno cone truck and the staff and skip kids enjoyed a treat. The summer is always so much fun at LLH!

July was slightly different last year…instead of having a big, blowout party for Elisa, we opted to take her out to a movie and to choose a new toy from the Disney store. She chose a Rapunzel doll and Cinderella dress from the Disney store. Everett wanted ALL the Olafs. Not just one, ALL. We ended up leaving the movie theater early because Everett went rogue and Elisa fell asleep. We couldn’t blame her. Finding Dory was a total snoozer. Elisa helped me make a strawberry cake, which she really enjoyed doing.

Sissy and Ella came to Tulsa to bring her a birthday gift. She always enjoys seeing both of them. IMG_5111

We took a road trip to Arkansas for the 4th of July. It was a LONG drive. Wow. Elisa felt very special considering we celebrated her birthday there. She really enjoyed riding on the boat and playing in the water.

We played on the “beach” and went paddle boarding…we rented a boat one day to see the surrounding area and to swim. Everett got so sleepy on the boat. He was definitely a teething, cranky mess on the trip, but he was sure sweet, too. We stayed home the evening of the 4th while everyone went and saw the fireworks. He was perfectly happy cuddling with me and watching tv.

We went to town (was it a town? It’s questionable) to see the Fourth of July parade. Small Town America or Anytown USA (Seinfeld reference). It really was a pretty area…

Later that night, Elisa got really, really sick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that sick. I stayed up with her most of the night and started packing up, so we could leave first thing in the morning. I just felt so bad for her! Poor baby. Everett ended up coming down with the tummy bug just a couple days later. Poor babes.


Later in the month, I was able to walk through the new LLH building and see where my office was going to be. The construction seemed to take forever and go by quickly, all at the same time. I was also excited to attend the Rotary Club of Tulsa dinner with Jean and Rachel. The LLH was a beneficiary and received funds for the Capital Campaign. Great night.

Chad and Angie brought the girls over, and they had an absolute blast playing dress-up together.


We also had a long-overdue double-date night with Brian and Erin SANS KIDS. It was glorious.

Seems like ages ago. Good ol’ Summertime.



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