August 2016

Our master bath remodel pretty much dominated our lives all summer. It set off a chain reaction that led to closing off the door to Elisa’s room, painting all the bedrooms, new carpeting, the list goes on and on. It was insane. I take full responsibility for my ill-timed decision to paint the fireplace white downstairs. We have since taken the longest home remodel hiatus to date. Oh my word, though. It was all worth it. When everything we own upstairs had to all be moved into the mid-level living area to prepare for the carpet install, we knew we had gone off the deep end.


One afternoon, Terri and Hank kept the kids, so we could go pick out mirrors and lighting. We managed to squeeze in a quick lunch at Stonehorse in Utica and hopped into Restoration Hardware (a.k.a. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams). It’s still fun to look right?


We ended up deciding on lighting and mirrors and also found pulls that we liked better to go on the vanity. The bathroom was so pretty I could hardly use it. The marble-top vanity was just as pretty in person as it was in the magazine I spotted it in. Now, we just need to do the hall bath! We did paint it and reglaze the tub, but it definitely needs a new vanity and new tile. Why creamy yellow/beige tile, Original Owners? Why?! Better yet, why pink and brown tile in our bathroom?! I believe it had a pink toilet to match at one point, too. WOW.

We were able to meet up with Phil and Emily in OKC for a little double-date weekend. It was SO NICE to see them after so long. Texas is so close yet too far away! We went out for dinner and drinks and stayed in the Skirvin. It was a pretty hotel – reminded me a lot of the Mayo.


Dinner at Cheever’s did not disappoint. The guys were in heaven as were we.


We also went to Ludvine and enjoyed their specialty punch. It was DIVINE.


We had the best time. It was a much-needed break.

Another exciting part of August was moving into the LLH expansion! Our staff was backed by tons of volunteers and spent several days moving in. It was incredible to see the community come together and help us. Shortly after we made the BIG move, classes started up, and the kids were blessed to be the first round of students to attend school in the new building! Such a special piece of Tulsa’s history that we got to be a part of. I definitely don’t take it for granted.


Through a very generous donor, our staff was blessed with brand new furniture and toys for the classrooms. What an amazing gift! Everett took right to this giant teddy bear.


It took a little while for it to feel like home. I think we are all still pinching ourselves every time we walk through the halls or admin offices. I can’t wait to see what God does with this building here in good ol’ Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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