September 2016

September was sprinkled with house projects, work events, Everett’s birthday, and little spurts of downtime.

We celebrated Everett’s birthday at Nana & Papa’s house…we swam, we ate, we opened presents. He had a blast.


Papa Gary & MuMu gave Everett a red tricycle. He loves to ring the bell!


I don’t have pictures of everything, but here are a few of the house projects. When the company came to install our shower door, Josh asked what it would take to remove the Ripley’s Believe It or Not wall of mirrors in the dining room. They discovered that the GIANT mirrors were barely hanging onto the wall. They said the worst thing you can do is glue them to wallpaper – very hazardous. Of course, that’s exactly what happened. They could have fallen at any time. A couple days later we had that crazy earthquake in Oklahoma! It’s such an overused phrase, but we really did consider it a “God-thing” that we figured this out before the earthquake. For the safety of us and the wood floors! Ha! We ordered a grass cloth paper to go over this and painted it the wall color. I need to find an after picture.

In a ditch effort to buy some time and make the hallway bathroom less, ahem, hideous, we painted the walls and repaired some trim. We have since had the tub re-glazed and the old faucets/hardware replaced. The tile still makes me cringe and cry tears, but, alas, we cannot fix it right this minute. While new construction is not our cup o’ tea, I can certainly see the allure of living in something brand-spanking-new that does not require tons of work and $$$. Honestly though, it’s fun getting to look back on all the projects.


I continued to settle into my office at work. I just recently decided on art and picture frames. I need to get a picture of all of it.


I also pulled the trigger on a white and gold dot canopy from PB kids that I had been eyeing for quite some time. It’s magical. Elisa loves it!


I also hung up a fall leaf paper garland that my Granny made above Elisa’s window seat. Love. She has the best room of the house.


Here’s a picture of the glass shower door installed…It’s lovely.


Although Josh nearly divorced me over it, I am SO GLAD that we finally painted the fireplace white. Josh also took off the metal piece which was bent and BRASS to straighten it and paint it black. It looks a million times better and makes the downstairs living area look much bigger. And, yes, I decorated for fall really early, because it’s my favorite.


While this is unrelated to “house projects”, my dear friend Faith gave me this adorable tea towel. I adore it.


Speaking of Faith, we both love Shauna Niequist, especially her book Bread & Wine. Shauna’s new book, Present Over Perfect, was released in August, and I set aside time to dive into it. We did manage to squeeze in some good rest time during the kids’ naps on the weekend…The mess they can create in a matter of seconds is mind-blowing.


Josh in his happy place – White Russians and 4Runners on the laptop.


More lounge time.


Elisa was down for the count. Starting back to school in August is tough on little immune systems.


We started Elisa in gymnastics. She went through a brief period of not wanting to go, but she is back to being excited about it!


September is also Mini-Laps time at LLH, or, at least, it has been for years. We are moving it to October in 2017 to hopefully catch some cooler temperatures. Elisa was Miss Oklahoma, and Everett was a fireman!

IMG_6248IMG_6246IMG_6241Everett MLElisa and Owen

The kids continued to enjoy the new building and all the new toys. Both of them like to explore each other’s classrooms. Everett still loves Ms. Gloria’s play kitchen in Red Class as does Elisa!


We also had our building dedication ceremony. It was a roasting, bright summer day, but we had a great turnout! Dan and Josh both stopped by.

IMG_6534LLH Building Dedication

Hank and Terri came up for Grandparent’s Day! Yes, she cried, because EMOTIONS.


I also took Elisa for a little Mommy-Daughter date one morning. We went to Toast in BA (BA, right?!), and she was thrilled to have her very own, HUGE plate of pancakes! I was excited for a mimosa. Way to go Broken Arrow. You are moving up in the world.


I can’t remember exactly what day it was, but Josh and I went to an OU game. The game was not all that exciting, so we slipped out early. Still fun though. Here is Josh enjoying a BBQ sandwich before in the Ginormous Tent of Food…


Just another busy month…






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