November 2016

November was an interesting month. We celebrated our anniversary, elected a president in one of the craziest races to date, buried my mom’s dad and my dad’s mom, had a quiet Thanksgiving at home, started decorating early for Christmas…When I think back on it, I just remember it as being heavy. Definitely good at times but just a bit heavy as well.


The world held its breath as we took to the polls to elect the next President. We are not into politics AT ALL, but Josh and I really tried our best to research all the candidates, state questions, etc. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t usually put in much effort for elections, but this was one for the record books. We spent quite a bit of time praying at work for our leaders – local, state, national. New Haven is our polling place with our new address. One of my favorite churches in Tulsa.


We had a little girl’s night at Bohemian Pizzeria…one of the best patios in Tulsa. Excellent food but the company was even better.


There was construction on the street in front of our house for a week or two, and Everett LOVED to watch the trucks working…


We celebrated our 7th anniversary. We had no plans simply because we didn’t have childcare, but our sweet friend Erin offered to watch the kiddos for us! We had dinner at Lucky’s which never disappoints. Josh also gave me fresh flowers from Whole Foods that kept my office looking pretty.


My Grandpa Don passed away which was definitely a low point. I wish that I would’ve known him better and spent more time with him over the years. We grew up here in OK while they always lived in MO. I will always remember him as having a gentle, sweet spirit and wonderful sense of humor. He was quick to serve and speak kindly of others. I remember him having a great deal of patience with us as kids and that he seemed to truly enjoy our company. On the way to his funeral, I learned that my Granny passed away as well. What a crazy week.


Since we were doing a lot of driving those two weeks, we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving to get a little rest before heading back to MO. I enjoyed cooking, and we took a little trip to Gilcrease to see the fall colors. It was a beautiful day outside.


We need to make a point to visit Gilcrease at this time every year.


We were ready to dive into December and began decorating for Christmas just a few days early.


While I love Christmas and all that it brings, it’s always sad to see fall go!


Goodbye Fall!


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