December 2016

I made a concentrated effort to have a December that was not quite as packed as it usually is. We had quite a few evenings at home around the fire…I got the shopping and wrapping done early which was a big help.


As usual, we went to the Owasso Tree Farm to pick out a tree for the downstairs living room. Hank and Terri were with us along with Jordan and Katie. We kept the tradition of eating at Cracker Barrel in Owasso for another year. I cannot find pictures from that day which makes me sad! Oh well!

Early in the month, our friends Chad and Angie came by for the girls to play and also to let us know that they were moving to the OKC area for Chad’s job with LC. Sad news but thankful OKC is close!


December is always nice, because I have so many days off work. Plus, the days we do work are late start time and early end time. I got in some good snuggles with the kids and also had time to read.


Everett was definitely aware of the presents this year. He snuck out of bed repeatedly to sneak peeks and ended up tearing one of the presents open. Curiosity just got the best of him!


MuMu and Papa Gary gave Elisa new princess nightgowns for Christmas and she was excited! We had a mini Christmas here with my Dad, Sissy, and Ella. Sissy gave Elisa an Optometrist Barbie which is just the cutest thing. She has really enjoyed playing with it, although I was tempted to keep it up in the box. It’s just so neat! We also hosted the Winders’ side of the family for a little Christmas celebration. We had dinner, drinks, dessert, and opened lots and lots of presents. Our kids are so loved and so spoiled.


We attended the Christmas program at COTM which is always so good. Elisa was excited to have her hair curled like a big girl. She is so pretty!


We did Christmas Eve morning here with the kids and then headed to OKC. Elisa helped decorate cookies, and we read the Christmas Story like usual. The kids woke up to stockings and presents galore. These kids don’t know how good they have it.

Reading the Christmas StoryElisa stockingEverett StockingEverett vacuumPresentsWith Hank and TerriNew Ride

For the first time since having kids, we went out on NYE! Hank and Terri watched the kids for us which we were so thankful for. We met our friends Blake and Julie downtown at Prairie and then headed to Cellar Dweller to see Desi & Cody play. It was far more relaxing than any NYE celebration we’ve had. What a fun night! The kids definitely had fun at Nana & Papa’s, too…


I snapped this picture of Josh before heading in. So many cool buildings in downtown Tulsa. Glad they haven’t torn them all down!


Christmas definitely has a look and feel and brings such warmth to the house. I am always sad to see the decor go.


While we cut down on the “extras” this year in order to maintain our sanity, we still had a fun-filled month. It was nice to give myself permission to skip long lines to see Santa, fighting traffic to see Rhema, Philbrook, etc. If we felt like going somewhere we did – if it felt like it would be a chore and add stress, we didn’t do it. Hoping to have even more plan-free evenings during the Christmas season in years to come.

Until next year…



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