February 2017

February was a sweet month (pun intended). The kids enjoyed all the Valentine’s Day festivities, and I did as well. I joined Aqua Class for their Valentine exchange, and it just made my day. I also joined Elisa’s class party for a bit. They came home with lots of precious cards and way too much candy!


My dear friend Faith gave me a truffle box from Julie Hinton, and Josh gave me fresh flowers. It was a good day!


We put together a little bag of treats and toys for the kids as well.


The Fire & Ice Gala benefiting the Little Light House was such a great event. Josh kept the kids, so I could go help setup that day. The event went incredibly well, and the proceeds went directly to our Renovation fund.


In addition to Garden Party, I helped with the silent auction/dessert auction for CPO. I took the kids along with me again this year to pickup the donation from Gilcrease. The mild weather had everything in bloom far earlier than normal. The Gilcrease grounds were so pretty, and the kids enjoyed exploring.


We met Josh downtown at Elote for dinner afterward which was an unexpected treat.


The kids enjoyed being back full-swing in school. We definitely like routine…


I was also able to meet up with my dear friend Jesseca for brunch. It had been way too long!


Here’s a couple more pictures of Everett, because he is just so cute.


Forward, March!


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