March 2017

To start off the month, we had the check presentation with Chick-Fil-A for the $75k grant we received. The application was lengthy, but it was definitely worth the effort!


March was pretty typical…Work, School, Working Out, Gymnastics…All the usual suspects. We met up at STG in the Farm on several occasions, because that was Elisa’s post-gymnastics treat of choice.


The CPO Gala was in March which contributed to our busyness. I’m not 100% sure I will help with it again considering it falls right in the same time frame as Garden Party. We’ll see. Nelson bought a table again, and it was a great event as always.


I snapped this picture of Josh looking out the windows outside of the Crystal Ballroom. Working at the Mayo seems like it was a million years ago. Thank goodness! Ha!


While the month was a bit busy, we did manage to squeeze in some little dates with the kids. Elisa also had a pizza and movie night with her friends.


Another great month!




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