April 2017

First up in April – the Garden Party.

GP StaffGP PlayhouseGP Nelson GuestsGP MenuGP CenterpieceElisa with her new BearGP Centerpiece 2IMG_7979

My task for this year was to take on the Bakery section. It turned out so pretty and performed really well! So thankful Josh built this case for us a few years ago. Marcia and Missy made a table full of cute cakes to auction off along with a couple cake decorating classes. Everything else was donated by local bakeries. Both tables and the case were packed full.

GP Marcia CakeGP Marcia Cake 2GP CupcakesGP Cupcakes 2GP BakeryGP Bakery Main TableGP Bakery HatsGP Bakery Case

Elisa has been to the Garden Party before a couple times, but she actually had the chance to participate this year! We had LLH students along with some of the SKIP kids sing onstage. They all had a blast doing it, and, thankfully, none of them had any major meltdowns. It’s no small feat to get up in front of 700+ people!

Elisa with Lucy and OwenElisa on StageElisa on Stage 2

We were able to go see Needtobreathe on a whim. Forever our favorite…

IMG_8004NTB Concert

We met up with Chad and Angie at Kitchen No. 324 in OKC for brunch on Easter weekend. It was so good to see them! We still need to plan a date for the girls to play. Hopefully, we can work that in over the summer. I’ve been dying to try this place, and it did not disappoint.


We spent Easter weekend at Terri and Hank’s, and they had a blast like always. They love driving their new toys.


I attended 2 short seminars for work, and one of them was at the Tulsa Garden Center which is just so pretty. I couldn’t help but stop and take a few pictures.


We took quite a few walks/rides through our neighborhood and spent time “camping” in the backyard.


Here is sweet picture of Elisa before heading into gymnastics, just because.


Moving on to May…


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